How many flowers fit in a bulk bucket? 

A bucket contains somewhere between 120 and 150 stems of flowers. To give you some perspective, this is about 6-7 wide-mouth mason jars worth. 

How much does a bulk bucket cost?

Bulk buckets are $100 each.

Do I get to choose what kinds of flowers go into the buckets? 

Not exactly, but you can have input! The way we are able to keep costs down on our bulk buckets is by keeping management low and flexibility high. When you place an order for bulk buckets, you can tell me: 1. Your color scheme. 2. What purposes your flowers will serve (Bridesmaids bouquets? Tall arrangements? Bud vases?). And 3. If there are any flowers you simply love or hate. You’re also welcome to send me some photos or a link to your Pinterest page to give me a sense of the vibe you’re going for. Then, you sit back and trust your loving farmer/floral designer to take it from there. If control is not something easily relinquished, you may want to reconsider your choice to order bulk buckets.

My wedding is on a Saturday. When should I pick up my bulk buckets?

I absolutely do not recommend doing any day-of arranging. It’s too stressful! Supposing you have a cool place to store your flowers, such as a basement or an air-conditioned room, I recommend you do all of your arranging on either Thursday or Friday. So come get your flowers on Wednesday or Thursday.

Yes, but with an additional fee. You can come pick up your buckets at the farm or from one of our farmers markets for no additional fee. Our markets are: 

  • Thursday San Rafael at the Civic Center

  • Saturday Healdsburg

  • Sunday San Rafael

Do you deliver?

What flowers do you grow at various times of year? I just want to get a sense…

 Please refer to our yearly availability list. You can also look at our seasonal flower tabs to get some inspiration. Keep in mind that these are just projections, as Mother Nature can be rather unpredictable.

Is the actual bucket included in the $100?

No, and during the growing season buckets are worth more to us than gold. Please make sure to bring your own buckets to transfer your flowers into when you pick up. If you need to borrow a bucket, we charge a $10 deposit for each bucket, to be returned to you upon the return of our buckets

Tips of the Trade for DIY Success:

Allow plenty of time:  The week of your wedding will likely be more busy than you can now anticipate. Make sure you have plenty to time allotted to the task of arranging your flowers so that it can be pleasant undertaking rather than a stressful one.

Compile a good team: Arranging your own flowers is not something we recommend you take on alone. A capable group of friends or family is necessary to get it all done in a timely, enjoyable fashion. 

Gather your tools and prep your workspace: Everyone involved with your DIY flower arranging will require a good pair of garden clippers or floral shears, plus you’ll need an open, air-conditioned or shaded workspace with access to running water.

Keep them cool and pack them tight: To keep your flowers looking their freshest, store them in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. A cool basement or root cellar is ideal. When in transport to your event, pack them tight together in a closed air vehicle. And easy on those turns!